Fees & Fee Structure  
a. The tuition fees should be paid for 12 months of the year.
b. The fees has to be paid in four Quarters, i.e.-
April : For the month of April, May, June
July : For the month of July, August, September
October : For the month of October, November, December.
January : For the month of January, February, March
c. Fees has to be paid, without fail on the dates announced in the school.
d. Fine will be charged for the non-payment of fees on time.
e. Fees should be paid in cash at the Indian Bank, AFS, Rowriah
f. Application for the refund of security deposit should be given by parents. No adjustment of security money will be entertained.
g. Security fee non-refundable within a year (of student attendance) except service exigencies.
Quarterly Tuition Fee Details
Class Serving All Ranks Retd. Officer Retd. JCO Retd. OR Civilian
LKG - UKG 1500 1500 1200 960 1540
I - V 2550 1875 1500 1200 1875
VI - X 2850 2610 2070 1620 2610
XI - XII 2850 2850 2280 1815 3450