Code of Conduct
- Children should reach on time.

- Neat and proper uniform (Parallel pant from waist to heel, shirt upto hip length and must be tucked
properly. Cap, muffler should be navy blue and ribbon is compulsory).

- Student’s ID Card with navy blue ribbon is compulsory.

- Children should bring school diary daily.

- Students should use only English and Hindi language to communicate.

- Every class has two passes one for boys and one for girls, which should be used while going out.

- Students movements from one class to another class rooms is strictly restricted (during break time).

- Girls should tie their hair properly with two plaits with red or white ribbon, till class VIII. One plait with and white band from class IX onwards.

- Use of jewellery, nail polish, bindis and gel in hair is not allowed.

- Proper hair cut for boys, regular shaving and nail cutting is compulsory.

- Students should not use any foul language.

- Mobile phone is banned inside the school campus.

- Chewing anything is a punishable offence.

- Students should move in line whenever they go to lab, library & games.

- Students will be fined for every mishandling of school property.

NOTE: Any further changes will be intimated as and when.